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The present study carried out on a cyclist’s population of all levels has shown that O'symétric trays have a positive impact on cycling performance compared to circular trays. Indeed, the results obtained in terms of muscle fatigue, anaerobic and aerobic performance have proven to be significantly superior compared to circular trays. Deviations of the order of 10% were obtained on all the tests carried out in the laboratory. Statistical analyses carried out through t of students for matched samples, showed significantly, that O'symetric trays influenced performance in cycling. The powers obtained are on average 10% higher than circular trays for lactatemia 21% lower. A phenomenon mainly explained by the passage of high and low dead points passed more quickly allowing an economy of the pedaling cycle for an optimization of it. The pedaling pattern being thus modified, the long-term use of the O'symétric trays would allow a yield all the more important as they are used for a long time. 

Study Université de Montpellier

Université de Montpellier



Règlementation de l'UCI

Règlementation de l'UCI


Etude Osymetric

European Journal of Sport Science

Etude Osymetric

U.P.F.R des sports de Besançon

Etude Osymetric

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