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O'SYMETRIC - The chainring of the century

The OSYMETRIC chainring is neither oval nor elliptical it is a twincam!

Discover the O'Symetric chainring, the chainring used by Froome that will save you up to 10% power and up to 10% less lactic acid. Often called oval bike chainring, or elliptical bike chainring, the O'Symetric tray is much more complex, it's a twincam.

The O'Symetric plate has been designed so that the radius of the plate varies in proportion to the force produced by the top dead center leg at the bottom dead center. Indeed, at top dead center the leg is 2 times weaker than when the crank is horizontal, which implies a slowing of the angular velocity at the top dead center which produces asphyxiation of the muscles, especially the vast external cause the resistant torque too strong for the leg, and not a recovery area as it is commonly accepted.

The objective of the tray's geometry was to facilitate the work where the leg is weak (top dead center and low dead point which implies a small radius) and to give work where the leg is strong: (hand crank around the horizontal which implies a large radius

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